Security Lighting Systems Provides Value to Your Home

security lighting systems

Home security lighting systems come in many varieties as well. Depending on what type of security lighting you are interested in purchasing, the expense will vary. For example, some security lighting systems for homes only cost under a hundred dollars. Others can easily run into several thousand dollars. It all depends on the types of security lighting you are interested in purchasing and how much you are willing to spend.


Security lighting for your home can take on various forms as well. Some folks like to keep their homes safe by utilizing a “dusk today” method. This means they have several security lighting fixtures throughout their home that is constantly on. However, the system is turned off once the house is empty. This security lighting installation is perfect for homeowners who are away from their homes on vacation or business trips.

Other homeowners prefer security lighting systems that utilize motion detection. When a security light is triggered, the light illuminates the targeted area in varying ranges. If the security lights are activated at different times, such as when someone is getting up or going out of the house, the video surveillance camera can pan and zoom in to catch the person in the act. Some security lighting systems that utilize this motion detection technology can be controlled by a switch or remote. Some systems can even turn the lights on automatically after detecting movement within a certain range.

The most sophisticated security lights used to provide security lighting for homes are the LED system. This type of security lighting has many benefits over other security lighting systems. One of the main benefits of using a led security light is the camera resolution.

security lighting systems

The camera resolution in a camera-based home security lighting system is usually high because it is using a high intensity LED. High-intensity LEDs use more energy than normal incandescent bulbs. This means that the security lighting in a home with a home security lighting system will last longer than a home with traditional lighting because the LED’s will not wear out as quickly as other bulbs. Besides, LED’s use less power than other types of bulbs, which saves money on energy costs for homeowners.


A second advantage to security lighting systems with LEDs is that they are virtually maintenance-free. They require very little repair, and the average homeowner can keep his or her security lighting system in good working condition for up to ten years. This low maintenance standard makes it easier for homeowners to replace dead or worn security light bulbs without paying for a costly service call. Replacing dead bulbs also means that security lighting in a home does not have to be cut down to the minimum required by law if there is no further threat to the security of the home.

One type of security lighting that may be helpful for some homeowners is a security lighting system with a high-pressure sodium bulb. This type of bulb is called an HPS (High-Pressure Sodium) bulb, and they are typically used in security lighting systems to provide more visible light than other bulbs. However, a drawback to HPS bulbs is that they use more energy than other types of bulbs. Besides, the large size of an HPS security lighting bulb makes them impractical for use in interior security lighting because it requires more room to install an HPS bulb than it does to install a smaller LED.

Regardless of the security lighting that a homeowner chooses, replacing inefficient bulbs with new, energy-efficient LED bulbs is a smart security lighting investment that provides security and saves money in the long run. LED’s are an attractive option because they offer many advantages over other security lighting options, including but not limited to: being eco-friendly, requiring less maintenance, offering a brighter light, and lasting longer than incandescent bulbs. Replacing old security lighting with new, efficient security lighting is a smart home improvement that improves security and adds value to your property.

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